Build The Crib

Hundreds of expecting parents have built cribs using these plans. If we can do it, you can too.
Simple instructions, complete plans, easy-to-find materials.
Written for the non-woodworker.

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When my wife and I found out we were expecting, I knew I wanted to build our first crib with my own two hands.

I'm a DIY-er, so I designed the crib using materials I could buy anywhere, and used tools that you might already own. It might not have been cheaper than finding one on Craigslist, but it was an amazing experience.

What You'll Get

A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Clear, often humorous instructions, written as if I was standing there talking you through it. Fully illustrated!

Detailed Drawings

Hand-drawn technical drawings of the crib that I built, to serve as a reference, or a basis for your own designs and modifications.

Avoiding my Mistakes

I made a couple of bonehead decisions when I was doing this. I save you the trouble, heartache, and embarassment.

The Satisfaction

There is very little that compares to the feeling of looking at your offspring taking their first nap in a piece of furniture you wrought with your own two hands.

+30 Pages of Instructions, Pictures, and Drawings

If you can use basic power tools, you can build this crib.

I take you from the cuts... the joints... the finish line.

"Wow, Such Crib"

This simple design is in hundreds of homes across the world.

"Certainly I received plenty of tips along the way from various skilled hands, but truth be told I probably don't even get to that point without you and your sneakily funny directions." - JS, 07/01/2014

"Thanks for the plans and your interest in my use of them!!" - DB, 03/26/2014

"We cannot thank you enough for the plans, this has been such a special experience." - DW, 3/20/14

"Our crib turned out great! We are now just waiting for our son to get here in about a month. My wife and family was very impressed and satisfied with the final product." - AB, 8/12/14

"We JUST finished the crib! Attached are photos of our modified version. We cannot thank you enough for the plans that you published, we couldn't have done this without you." - DW, 11/9/14

"Just wanted to send a picture of the crib my dad made using your plans. It turned out so beautiful! The wood he used he found in an old boxcar. Thanks again!" - MH, 2/22/15

"I made the sides removable with a bolted connection. The joints are all mortise and tenon. Thanks for the plans." - DW, 3/8/15

"I always feel super awesome when my wifes tells people that I made her a crib. Thank you for the great set of plans" - AB, 3/6/15

"Thank you for the design." - GB, 9/5/15

"Its been awhile but I finished it! It was awesome to make! Putting everything together was super easy." - LJ, 6/27/15

"Turned out well your plans helped a lot! " - TF, 7/15/15

"I want to start by saying what an amazing gift you gave us wanna be wood workers and future fathers...the crib was one of the most fun, relaxing, sometimes frustrating, and in the end rewarding things I've done with my free time in a long time." - TF, 9/5/2015

"Thanks for the awesome plans!! The crib turned out exactly like I invisioned!!" - KB, 10/15/15

"It was a blast to built and I am very happy (wife too) with how it turned out." - CS, 12/23/15

"Thanks for the crib plans. I finished the crib a couple of months ago... Thanks again!" - CK, 1/30/16

"Plans were great I added solid ends instead but crib is awesome!." - JH, 5/1/17

"Thanks for the awesome plans!! The crib turned out exactly like I invisioned!!" - KB, 10/15/15

"Thanks for making your plans (1) readily available and (2) affordable. I hope lots of folks out there find them. It’s a great project that is super rewarding." - TC, 9/28/16

"Thanks for the plans, it is a great design and the perfect difficulty level for a novice like me. Thanks again!" - PF, 12/6/16

"Loved the directions and plans, was a huge help." - JR, 9/5/15

"From the measurements, steps and foundational philosophy to the surprisingly high entertainment value, this guide was wonderfully essential. And priced cheaper than wood glue, there was no better investment. Thanks for putting it together. Huge help!" - DG, 6/8/17

The clock is ticking. Start building your heirloom today.

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